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Customer reference:

I had borrowed skis from you, a test prototype

I had borrowed a test prototype ski from your company. They were 165 cm long skis and I am 175 cm tall, therefore I believe they were the perfect height for me. Their radius was 12 m, thus about 5 m shorter than my own Fischer skis. I am not too demanding and certainly not a technical skier (I prefer faster skiing), but I was very satisfied with these skis compared to my own and other skis I had the opportunity to try in the past. I was afraid that the relatively short radius would not suit me since I do not turn much when skiing, but the ski always led me reliably when shifting my weight. Even "schuss" downhill skiing was fine though the skis did have a tendency to turn. Also, their slightly lower weight was pleasant a change. I was surprised by their stiffness on frozen and hard surfaces and primarily they did not resonate compared to my Fisher skis.

I was skiing on them in Italy for 6 days in more or less perfect snow conditions, so I did not experience big ice or slush, therefore I do not know how the skis would behave in such borderline situations. Nevertheless, I tried various common types of ski slopes with them (prepared ski slope in the morning, rutted ski slope in the afternoon) and I was very satisfied.

Overall, I am very happy I had the opportunity to test these truly unique Carbonskis.