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About company


The Carbonski brand was founded in 2005 by Richard Mikyska, who fulfilled his childhood dream when his family's economic conditions did not enable him to have good quality skis. He therefore decided to construct his own. After initially producing standard skis from glass reinforced plastic, Richard embarked on making skis made of carbon fiber. A number of excellent skiers, including editors of Snow and Skimagazin ski magazines, cooperated in ski testing and their further development.

One very important team member is Honza Cermak, a skicross skier and instructor who still currently works as a technical advisor and test skier for our company.

After years of development, considerable investments, experiments and testing with the co-owner Lubor Hyska, our carbon skis have reached unique top level qualities and are available.


Our company Carbonski has focused on producing primarily custom-made production of sport-oriented skis of high quality which we are able to prepare in the design and performance characteristics according to individual customer's requirements.

We pay the highest attention to material selection and use proven and the most advanced materials for skis, including cooperation with Nanovia company nanotechnology and carbon fibers mainly from Japanese company Toray.

By layering carbon fabrics of various square weights on an innovative compound ash tree core, we achieve the best features of each ski, thanks to shortening and interlaying of biaxial and unidirectional fabrics, we are able to tune the optimal deflection and torsion of a ski convenient to our customers.


Why chose a Carbonski?

  • They are manufactured using the latest technologies.
  • They are significantly light
  • They have high quality inner layering.
  • Carefully designed geometry enables to turn on a ski slope easily and precisely.
  • Original design is an important bonus.